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I’m Nando, and I started Chronic Cycling to celebrate the inclusiveness of cycling.

I like all things bicycle, a lot; and I like the people in the cycling community the most. No matter where I’ve been, the people I’ve met through cycling come from all walks of life, age, socio-economic backgrounds, political or religious beliefs, etc..

We’re all different, but we have this one thing in common that is stronger than our differences. I believe through cycling we come a little closer, and that’s pretty powerful.

Welcome to Chronic Cycling 2.0

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This is the second go-around with Chronic Cycling. The first time around, I lost track of the original goal, and went into custom cycling jerseys and shorts. It was was crazy: International vendors, importing, shipping… sucked the joy of what was meant to be a fun business.

This time it’s different. Fueled by technology, this time I'm offering my designs through outsourced providers and special deals drop-shipped for us from around the globe.

My goal is to offer cool cycling designs, clothing, gifts, and accessories, all reasonably priced.

Why “Chronic Cycling”?

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Well, you know how people look at you when you tell them your riding stories? You probably have someone that thinks you are an addict (maybe you think that yourself?), that you have some kind of “bicycle problem”, a cycling condition?

Well, I know Chronic Cycling is not really a problem. But if you think it is, follow this easy, two-step cycling-anonymous program:

  1. Admit you have a problem
  2. Embrace it, go ride.

Thank you for your support,

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